Wednesday, 16 March 2011



Editing ideas

one idea was to blur the clips of 'the fight' so that it looked as if it was a vision of someone memory thinking back as if they have seen it, but they cant quite get to grips of what they are seeing. this distinction between the 'flash back' and the normal shots makes it clear which one is which. this is a picture of the internet that we found that gave us this inspiration.

on the rest of the clips we sharpened up the images, this makes the the distinction of whats happening in the present and whats happening int the past in the 'flash back' more defined. by using a sharpening tool it gave each shot a more digital look, and made it some what jutter as the camera moved about. this image is an example of what this effect does.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

title sequence

for the titles, we selected a font that was appropriate to our theme it looks as if it has been made with a type writer and the abstract lines surrounding the the text makes it look that much more suitable for out film opening, each title is individual, coming on and going of in different ways, such as quickly flashed on, fading into the picture or murging into the next shot. they have also been placed according to the music for example when it gets dramatic one with burst on! we also places black blocks of colour for some of the titles, to make them stand out from the rest of the shooting.

New storyline

As we didn't allow enough time we had to change our opening sequence. We were unable to access the locations we aimed to use, the graveyard and the basement.
We ended up using the college site, we used the toilets for where the two girls were arguing and for Mel's hand and newspaper scenes we used a billboard outside a classroom.
The whole storyline changed:
It starts off showing mels walking to her wall - where she has been stalking Abi
The camera focuses and shows all of mels work she has been doing
It flashes back to the girls entering the toilets
They begin to argue and shows theres conflict between the two of them
The camera shows mel is watching and she knows that the girls are arguing
Throughout all the flashbacks - mel is shown to be writing a letter too Abi, saying she knows
We left it as a cliffhanger so it builds tension up and makes the audience what to continue to watch


we have spent more time on improving our thriller film with the tips our peers gave us. some things we could not do as it would involve changing and reshooting the entire film, such as costumes. one of our cons was that "one of the clips is out of focus" after realising this we looked at it in more detail and came to the agreement that we like the look of this effect, so rather than making that shot in focus we change the other ones, i believe this effect makes the opening to our film more intense with the audience left not knowing what will come next, but wanting to know! the music Zoe made was to jumpy, i felt it was too dramatic and high pitch for the atmosphere we where trying to capture, so Zoe went back to changed some of the pitches and played around with tempo resulting in a smoother earie effect that went higher and lower in the right places. another comment was that it is "fairly hard to follow" but as a group we feel that we like how you dont have a story line as yet because it leaves and air of mystery leaving our viewers wanting to watch more.

Ready to evaluate

Page grabs have been taken off different programmes that we have used, for example photo shop, garage band, final cut express.
On the evaluation we are going to include the way in which we created things, we used the internet and certain websites which we will show in the powerpoint and explain all the little details.